The aftermath of Turkey Day!

Okay! I will admit I was not perfect this week with Thanksgiving.  I watched what I ate, but I repeated these meals over at least twice. Thats right. you heard me.  I had 2 other big Turkey day meals.  Boy did it show at the scales this week when I went to Weight Watchers.  I had a gaine of 2.8lbs. This I am not proud of, but I did  expect it.  So back to the drawing board tommorw.  I guess thats what so good about WW. You can always get back on track.

Enough of that. Now on a happy note I did get a great picture of my mom and my son together. It is nice to see that my son will still take pictures with his granparents.



One thought on “The aftermath of Turkey Day!

  1. I did the same thing after Disney World. One good thing about gaining it, it usually is easier to take off. Dominic tooks so grown up! Is this a mustache?

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