Oh, Christmas Tree!

Today was the day we decorated our house for Christmas.  We usually do this Thanksgiving weekend, but this year time got away from me. So today we put up our “fake tree” since my hubby does not want to deal with pine needles.  When the lights are out an the tree is lite you can not tell. Just DON’T TOUCH! I usually burn evergreen candles to fake the smell in the house. 

See it looks good from afar.

See it looks good from afar.

Then I decorated my mantel. This is something I have wanted to do now  for awhile.  I bought these really cute lights at WalMart. They look like pine cones. So cute!  I put them on the mantel and I also got creative with the second set I bought. (look at pics. below) 
The last thing I did today was start my holiday cards. I have my trees cut out, but thats as far as I got.  The honey do list was calling. I had to iron and wash uniforms and dress clothes for my husbands game tommorw. He is coaching the JV middle school basketball this year.  I am so proud of him.
Well enjoy the pics.


My beatiful mante.

My beatiful mante.

My basket full of pine and cones!

My basket full of pine and cones!


One thought on “Oh, Christmas Tree!

  1. We have the same super big stocking! Frank’s mother gave it to Connor over 10 years ago and that’s the one he wants filled – of course.

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