New Year, new things and new problems.

Happy New Years!  Alli Edwards asked her readers to use one word to describe their resolution. Mine was “Faith”. I picked this word because with my life and certain conditions I have to have faith in myself, my family and most important my God.  Things I have faith in that I will change this year

1. Weight loss (he he he)

2. Financial peace ( this to me means no late bills and no credit cards)

3. A good year with dealing with my MS.

4. My family will stay strong and close.

NEW THINGS- for christmas I received a NIXON S60 and a singer craftes sewing machine. I will try to use these items as much as possible. I love to take pictures and I love to scrapbook. Now I can sew on my pages and get creative.

Finally a problem to start the New Year off. My dryer stopped working Dec. 30th. My DH tried to fix it.  He tested every part and tried every web site he could, but there is no heat for this dryer.  Saturday I went an bought a new one. This time instead of buying kenmore I bought a GE. I feel that the 70 series dryer was a lemon. I have had other Kenmore products and had no problem, but this particular one was not good for us.

So, this is a new year and hopefully (faithfully) a great one.


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