Wii active

Last week I bought the Wii Active. I want to getmoving more so I thought this would be easy. I can do it at home.
Not as easy as I thought. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard in way that you can’t understand. It is just very challenging. The first couple of days I felt like the game kicked my a$$. Then yesterday I did it and it was a little easier. I know it isworking due to the soar muscles I didn’t even know I had.
I will keep u all informed on my progress if you care.


2 thoughts on “Wii active

  1. I care….

    I bought it but never opened it. I have the wii fit and bought the active as a supplement but can’t seem to find what exercises it has that make it different than the fit. Maybe you can shed some light? Thanks.

    • The wii active has a number of diff. exercises in a 20-30min time. You have a trainer who helps you with each exercise and the game lets you know if are doing the exercise correctly. This is the 30 day challenge I am talking about. What I really like is the fact that one day you work arms the next day legs and then a combo day. It hits all the spots without me thinking about it.

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