Inspired, but sore.

Lately I have been so inspired to exercise and eat some what healthy. I started running again. Day one ran for 1/2mile and walked 3/4. Day 2 ran 3/4 miles and walked 1/2. Today I did not exercise yet, but the night is young. I have to say I hope this attitude stays with me. I feel like I can do anything with a little time and patients.


Pizza, wine, dessert oh my!

I realize it has been a long time since I last posted. Then I realized that posting on my blog is not only away for my friends and family to see whats happening, but also away to hold me accountable for my actions.  So I have decided to start posting my weight loss journey as well as my activities. Some of you may be thinking WHY! well to be held accountable. I have been trying to loose weight all my life and it keeps finding me. For the past month I have been following Weight Watchers online and keep losing and gaining the same 3-5lbs. I am hoping that buy doing this I will discover something about myself and loose the weight for good.

So goodbye wine,(just for a while)hello to healthy pizza and deserts.

Wii active

Last week I bought the Wii Active. I want to getmoving more so I thought this would be easy. I can do it at home.
Not as easy as I thought. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard in way that you can’t understand. It is just very challenging. The first couple of days I felt like the game kicked my a$$. Then yesterday I did it and it was a little easier. I know it isworking due to the soar muscles I didn’t even know I had.
I will keep u all informed on my progress if you care.