Inspired, but sore.

Lately I have been so inspired to exercise and eat some what healthy. I started running again. Day one ran for 1/2mile and walked 3/4. Day 2 ran 3/4 miles and walked 1/2. Today I did not exercise yet, but the night is young. I have to say I hope this attitude stays with me. I feel like I can do anything with a little time and patients.


Pizza, wine, dessert oh my!

I realize it has been a long time since I last posted. Then I realized that posting on my blog is not only away for my friends and family to see whats happening, but also away to hold me accountable for my actions.  So I have decided to start posting my weight loss journey as well as my activities. Some of you may be thinking WHY! well to be held accountable. I have been trying to loose weight all my life and it keeps finding me. For the past month I have been following Weight Watchers online and keep losing and gaining the same 3-5lbs. I am hoping that buy doing this I will discover something about myself and loose the weight for good.

So goodbye wine,(just for a while)hello to healthy pizza and deserts.

Weight loss with My Hubby.

Two weeks ago my husband and I went on the Joy Baur’s Life Diet. I researched many diets and have been on many myself before selecting this one. I needed something that my husband could follow with me and I could make dinner time easy for the family.
First week was hard for him. I did fine. It was the lack of sugar I think that made him ugly. Week two much better. Our bodies where use to the lack of sugar even though we where able to add artifical sweets and in the end found that we could take it or leave it. Weigh in was today and Scott is down 7lbs in 2wks and I am down 6lbs. I think we are on to a good start.

A Mother’s Moment

My 14yrs.old son had a fancy dance on Friday.

I love these events because I get to see my son dress up in a shirt an tie. Of course my son did not want to tuck in his shirt, but for me he did to take the picture. I take as many pics. now because they grow up so fast.


Basketball Tournament and Weight Gain

dsc_0211_edited-1I spent the weekend at my daughters bb tourney. It was a lot of fun except the food. Being on WW and trying to eat at these events is not realistic.  I am so sick of McD’s.

On a positive side I was able to get some great pics. of Caitlin on the court.  I will scrap these later.


Homemade Valentines Day Cards…What fun!

dscn0263This year my daughter an I decided to make her v-day cards. I started the  cards the other day using my new Hero Arts clear stamps. I love these!  When my daughter saw my samples she told me I could continue making them by myself if I want.  Was I just suckered in to make her cards?  Thats okay I am having a lot of fun with this.

Below is a few  pics of the card I made.dscn0264dscn0265

Tye dye and stamp sets.

I am back! It has been a busy week for us at the Haines household. Dom and Caitlin had games and practice all week. Not to mention I had the ick at the beginning of the week.  All is well now an we are on our last stretch of Basketball this week for Dom. Caitlin still has 2 weeks left.  So to catch you up to what we have been doing………


Tye dying some t-shirts with my daughter. What fun!!! Caitlin received a tye dye kit for the holidays and we decided last wkend to try it. Fun, but messy.

The next pic. is of some stamps I picked up yesterday by Hero Arts to make Valentines day cards for Caitlins class. We are hoping to start them today. Can I say I just love the new Hero Arts clear stamps.


I love watching my basket ball(especially when my sons plays)

Defense.. Defense...

Defense.. Defense...

My sons team had a all day Saturday game day. First the girls played then the boys JV & Varsity. Dom’s on varsity. I love watching how improved he is this year from last. He has learned to be more aggressive and also to control his temper at the same time. Dom tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. During this game he was rebound king an ended up with 20 points out of 56.  I am so glad he has sports to turn to. It keeps him active during the long winter months here in Maine and also out of trouble.

dom-bbThis picture cracks me up. Scott an Dom mimic each others moves and don’t even know it.

A mini me(sort off)

Yesterday we had a snow day her in Maine. So I took the opportunity to go into my scraproom and finish the holiday pictures. My daughter joined me and did a few pages of her own. She now has her own supplies since Christmas. I was so proud of her. She picked good pictures and chose her words carefully.  I am so impressed with her work I had to share it with you. Remember Cailtin is only 9.








I hope you enjoy the pics.dscn0211dscn02091

The middle pic is my page of my daughter.

Quiet after the storm.

The northeaster is over. We ended up with 14″ according to the weather station, but my husband says it more like 18″. He would know he had to clean it all up. I took pictures of my daughter and dog(Abby) playing in the snow.  It was very cold out so they played out side in small spurts. I also made some cinnamon rolls with maple frosting. I wish you where here Susan I would share some with you and Frank. I know how he loves sweets.

Wrapped some presents but no where near done.  Happy Holidays to all.


Abby in the snow.

Abby in the snow.