Ck Convention shopping..

Sat. I went to CK Manchester for  some scrapbook shopping.  I did not take classes this year due to budget, but allowed myself money for some shopping. Bought tons of BG paper and sticklers. I love the colors. Below is a few pics. I took of a Tech. Tuesday display. I hope you enjoy.

































Easter Card with my silohoutte.

So today I finally made it into my craft room. I have been wanting to try the new bunny cut out I had downloaded. I was hoping to do more, but found that I need a new blade for my machine.  So here is the two card I did get to do.


With this card I used the outline. Traced it onto this paper and cut it out myself leaving the ear at top attached so it flips open.


A Mother’s Moment

My 14yrs.old son had a fancy dance on Friday.

I love these events because I get to see my son dress up in a shirt an tie. Of course my son did not want to tuck in his shirt, but for me he did to take the picture. I take as many pics. now because they grow up so fast.


Homemade Valentines Day Cards…What fun!

dscn0263This year my daughter an I decided to make her v-day cards. I started the  cards the other day using my new Hero Arts clear stamps. I love these!  When my daughter saw my samples she told me I could continue making them by myself if I want.  Was I just suckered in to make her cards?  Thats okay I am having a lot of fun with this.

Below is a few  pics of the card I made.dscn0264dscn0265

Tye dye and stamp sets.

I am back! It has been a busy week for us at the Haines household. Dom and Caitlin had games and practice all week. Not to mention I had the ick at the beginning of the week.  All is well now an we are on our last stretch of Basketball this week for Dom. Caitlin still has 2 weeks left.  So to catch you up to what we have been doing………


Tye dying some t-shirts with my daughter. What fun!!! Caitlin received a tye dye kit for the holidays and we decided last wkend to try it. Fun, but messy.

The next pic. is of some stamps I picked up yesterday by Hero Arts to make Valentines day cards for Caitlins class. We are hoping to start them today. Can I say I just love the new Hero Arts clear stamps.


A mini me(sort off)

Yesterday we had a snow day her in Maine. So I took the opportunity to go into my scraproom and finish the holiday pictures. My daughter joined me and did a few pages of her own. She now has her own supplies since Christmas. I was so proud of her. She picked good pictures and chose her words carefully.  I am so impressed with her work I had to share it with you. Remember Cailtin is only 9.








I hope you enjoy the pics.dscn0211dscn02091

The middle pic is my page of my daughter.

My Christmas Card.



I really like my card this year. I decided to not use stamps and use my silhoutte.  I am try to use it more so I get more comfortable with it. The tree is cut out and the rest I used a Fiskars border punch and random buttons I have collected. I decided to go with untraditional colors this year. OUt of the Box.

Well the cards are done, but the shopping is not.  Saturday is going to be a all day marthon of getting everybody their gifts.

When did this happen?

Wow!  I took some pictures of my daughter Sat. in her holiday dress and I want to know when she went from kid to tween.  I look at her an think of what I was doing at her age. It was not dressing like this or wanting an IPod. It was Barbies for me. Times have changed.

holiday dress

holiday dress

I also did some holdiay shopping this weekend. Still have lots to do. The holiday has snuck up on me.  I did manage to get 6 cards done this weekend.  I used my silohuette and Fiskars border punch. I really like how they came out. I willtry to get a pic up in the next couple of days.