Inspired, but sore.

Lately I have been so inspired to exercise and eat some what healthy. I started running again. Day one ran for 1/2mile and walked 3/4. Day 2 ran 3/4 miles and walked 1/2. Today I did not exercise yet, but the night is young. I have to say I hope this attitude stays with me. I feel like I can do anything with a little time and patients.


Wii active

Last week I bought the Wii Active. I want to getmoving more so I thought this would be easy. I can do it at home.
Not as easy as I thought. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard in way that you can’t understand. It is just very challenging. The first couple of days I felt like the game kicked my a$$. Then yesterday I did it and it was a little easier. I know it isworking due to the soar muscles I didn’t even know I had.
I will keep u all informed on my progress if you care.

Basketball Tournament and Weight Gain

dsc_0211_edited-1I spent the weekend at my daughters bb tourney. It was a lot of fun except the food. Being on WW and trying to eat at these events is not realistic.  I am so sick of McD’s.

On a positive side I was able to get some great pics. of Caitlin on the court.  I will scrap these later.


Football and Thanksgiving

Hey, I’ve been away for a couple of days.  Life has taken a toll on me, but I am back. 

This weekend we had my sons football banquet. This is his last year playing rec. league.   Next year he will be a freshman in highs schoo.  I am excited and nervous at the same time. The kids get so much bigger at that level and hit so muc harder.

Sunday was also the day the football league annouced that Jim was stepping down as head coach to move on to the high school and that my husband Scott is taking over.  It ismy own privatetly proud moment.

Now the next subject. How many of you are going to get up early and hit the stores on Black FRiday?   I have not decided yet. It depends on the weather here in the north.  I hate the cold, but I hate driving in the snow more.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

They are all Winners!

They are all Winners!