Inspired, but sore.

Lately I have been so inspired to exercise and eat some what healthy. I started running again. Day one ran for 1/2mile and walked 3/4. Day 2 ran 3/4 miles and walked 1/2. Today I did not exercise yet, but the night is young. I have to say I hope this attitude stays with me. I feel like I can do anything with a little time and patients.


Back to running and it felt good.

About a year ago I started to run(which I hate) so that I could run a mile when I went to visit my friend in NJ. That was my goal 1mile. When the time came I did achieve that goal and then I let it go. I came home and found every excuse not to run. Now I find myself with the weight gain and a feeling of blah most days. So after healing a foot injury I started running again. I am taking it slow. 1/2 mile at a time for the first week during my walk.
What surprised me was how good it felt and how easy it was even though I had not done it for a while.
I hope this feeling last.

Why always the last snack.

Yesterday started out to be a great day. I ate a good breakfast, reasonable lunch and suppers was good. Then I had my evening snack. A TLC chocolate raspberry bar. Which buy the way are really good if you like chocolate. Then I found that my evening of sitting down to watch a movie in my living room was taken over buy 3 teenage boys begging me to have the tv to watch basketball. Being the nice mother I am I gave them the tv and retired to my room to watch tv. Not even 5 min later I am eating baked chips and salsa with cheese. Why? was it because my evening changed or was it the time on the clock saying you only have 30min to eat something else. ( I stop eating after 8:30) I can sit hear and ponder over this or I can become stronger from the experience. What to do?

Late night cravings

Why do I give in to those late night cravings when I know after I do I wil regret it. Last night I had a late dinner with my husband in a quiet kid free house. It was nice, but the meal was not what I wanted. Shortly after my husband went to bed I find myself heading to the pantry and pulling out a box of frosted flakes and they tasted really good. The problem is I did not stop there. I bumped into a box of chocolate covered raisins and started on those. Soon I found myself feeling guilty. A feeling I am so familiar with time and time again.
Does this happen to you? How do you deal with it? Would love to hear.

Weight gain and PMS

So yesterday was weight in day and guess what? If you guess gain you are correct. I should not be surprised buy this, but sometimes I feel like I wil step on that scale and weight will magically disappear even though I had chocolate this past week and wine and oh did I mention PMS.
So with the weighin day behind me it is a new week. I started back on my stationary bike 30 min. Goal for week is to exercise at least 5 days at 30min and no CHOCOLATE OR WINE!

Pizza, wine, dessert oh my!

I realize it has been a long time since I last posted. Then I realized that posting on my blog is not only away for my friends and family to see whats happening, but also away to hold me accountable for my actions.  So I have decided to start posting my weight loss journey as well as my activities. Some of you may be thinking WHY! well to be held accountable. I have been trying to loose weight all my life and it keeps finding me. For the past month I have been following Weight Watchers online and keep losing and gaining the same 3-5lbs. I am hoping that buy doing this I will discover something about myself and loose the weight for good.

So goodbye wine,(just for a while)hello to healthy pizza and deserts.

Growing up and Girls!

My son had his first serious date to the schools homecoming dance. I felt very emotional, but did not show him this. I was happy when he told me I could come in to the school and get a picture of the two of them. I think this was my first sign that he really likes this girl. I even find him talking on the phone with her instead of his usual Uhh, yet, and mmmm.

Football is in full swing and Dom has had a couple of great games. LOve to watch the games!

I have not had much time to scrapbook or card make, but I did clean the craft room today to get ready for the holiday card making push and to finally scrapbook some summer photos. Life can just get so crazy!me and kayla

Weight loss with My Hubby.

Two weeks ago my husband and I went on the Joy Baur’s Life Diet. I researched many diets and have been on many myself before selecting this one. I needed something that my husband could follow with me and I could make dinner time easy for the family.
First week was hard for him. I did fine. It was the lack of sugar I think that made him ugly. Week two much better. Our bodies where use to the lack of sugar even though we where able to add artifical sweets and in the end found that we could take it or leave it. Weigh in was today and Scott is down 7lbs in 2wks and I am down 6lbs. I think we are on to a good start.

Wii active

Last week I bought the Wii Active. I want to getmoving more so I thought this would be easy. I can do it at home.
Not as easy as I thought. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard in way that you can’t understand. It is just very challenging. The first couple of days I felt like the game kicked my a$$. Then yesterday I did it and it was a little easier. I know it isworking due to the soar muscles I didn’t even know I had.
I will keep u all informed on my progress if you care.

Ck Convention shopping..

Sat. I went to CK Manchester for  some scrapbook shopping.  I did not take classes this year due to budget, but allowed myself money for some shopping. Bought tons of BG paper and sticklers. I love the colors. Below is a few pics. I took of a Tech. Tuesday display. I hope you enjoy.